My experience in mediumship and with the spirit world goes back several generations in my family. I grew up in Deerfield NH where my Great, Great, Great Aunt Ada was a known clairvoyant in town and her services were sought out when anyone went missing as well as for her gift of dowsing for water. Most of the women on my mother's side of the family have some form of a gift in the spiritual world. Mine began as a child when I had 2 spirits I played with in my home rather than having imaginary friends. I  thought nothing of it, did not think it was any different than any other kid. Later, I realized that other people didn't see and hear the same things that I did.


I repressed these things for many years which caused many ailments, migraines, anxiety etc. Sometimes certain things would still come through anyway at crucial times and always be very helpful. Finally, I decided to accept and be proud of the gifts I had and learned more about them. I went to a medium who helped me understand better what I could do with these gifts and how to listen better. I'm always learning more everyday. Some spirits choose to only speak to me and not show themselves, others show themselves but do not speak, others do both, others show me things with images or by using my empathic nature and physical mediumship. Often times I will sue automatic writing to communicate as well as pendulum boards and oracle cards.

My main goal is to help spirits that are confused or stuck here to move on as well as help them deliver any messages they may have if necessary before they are able to move on.