Intelligent haunting

An intelligent haunting can have many of the same signs as a residual haunting except with an intelligent haunting there is interaction by the spirit of someone who was once living. They may remain for reasons of unfinished business or maybe just trying to get a message to someone. Whatever the reason for their presence, this is often a haunting where a psychic medium could be very helpful. Sometimes because of confusion during departure, spirit rescue is all that's needed to guide the spirit to where they are supposed to go. Though normally these spirits don't mean any harm, the events that can occur can be quite frightening. Some of the possible events could be opening and closing of doors or windows, items being removed from one location and left in another, hearing voices or breathing and even just the sense of an unknown energy present. As with a residual, sometimes an apparition is seen, but in this haunting the apparition can acknowledge your presence while in the residual they can not.