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There are many identified species in history that have been described to closely relate to the Bigfoot. One of these species was the Gigantopithecus.  Is it so far fetched to believe an evolved version of this species still lives? And if this evolved species still exists, is it so 'crazy' to believe it has evolved with the ability of self recognition and intelligence? We as humans have, correct? Has our evolution been concretely proven? Well, let's not get into that discussion but maybe just agree that it really isn't so far fetched to believe an endangered intelligent species has been able to remain scientifically unidentified. We say 'scientifically' unidentified, because if you really think of it, Bigfoot has been identified, just not to science's acceptable degree of identification. (Which, some can argue this scale of an acceptable definition of scientific evidence.)

Why would there be SO MANY reports of this creature? These sightings go so far back to before we even had communication to others outside of our area. There comes a point when you can no longer consider something a 'coincidence' or a 'miss identification'. At some point, one really needs to take these reports seriously, and put aside their own fears or perceptions. For instance, If there are 20 people in a room and 9 of them report seeing the same thing, is it logical to call almost 50% of the room a 'liar' purely based on what you believe to only be the truth by experience? We think not.

Below we have provided some collected information on Bigfoot and similar cryptids from various regions around the world.

For information regarding the Giganthopithecus

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